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Making IoT development easier
To build an IoT device, you need a board, a sensor and the code to get them talking to each other and to the network. Whether you’re a commercial developer or hobbyist, we're here to help you get all three.
What is UPM?
UPM is a sensor library with high-level APIs that make it easy to connect and use sensors and actuators in IoT solutions.
400+ Sensors/Actuators
Discover the right sensor/actuator for your solution, from prototype to industrial deployment.
Develop in C/C++, Java*, Node.js* and Python*.
Multi-OS Support
Supports Ubuntu, Yocto, Android Things, WindRiver, Arch Linux, Ubilinux, Zephyr.
Open Source
Open Source, MIT licensed, completely free to use.
Extended Comms
Add protocols like Wi-Fi*, ZigBee*, LoRa*, Bluetooth*LE, GPS and many more.
Hardware Agnostic
Use the same APIs on any supported platform, from microcontrollers to industrial gateways.
Are you a sensor manufacturer?
Support the UPM sensor community and reach thousands of IoT developers.
Sensor Manufacturers on UPM