Naming your module
UPM attempts to follow a clear naming pattern. Modules should be sensibly named and then placed in ${libdir}/upm and headers in ${includedir}/upm, all modules should be prefixed with libupm-. The upm_module_init will automatically name python UPM modules as pyupm_ and javascript modules as jsupm_. For example for src/grove/ the library built will be, the python module pyupm_grove and the js module jsupm_grove.
Choosing a name for a new module
Pick a name and stick with it. Usually, the chip name makes the most sense. If not, try to pick a generic name so people with a similar sensor can inherit your class if they only have minor changes.
• All modules should be prefixed with libupm-.
• Avoid brand names.
• Your lib must belong to the UPM namespace.
Ping us via email: [email protected] or [email protected] and we'll suggest some useful names.